Stables, Horse Communities, and Equestrian Centers in Panama

Stables, Horse Communities, and Equestrian Centers in Panama

In Panama, horses have been for many years a source of entertainment among foreigners and Panamanians.  For this reason, there is a very active horse riding and competition community in Panama, along with several developed communities with equestrian facilities near Panama City.

Among the equestrian facilities in Panama, here are a few of our favorites:

Castilla de Oro: Located just 20 minutes East off Panama City, this facility offers classes to children and various activities, including national and international events. Their facilities include a restaurant, more than 60 stables, a racing track, and a school with 15 horses dedicated for students.

Hacienda Country Club: Located about 35 minutes’ drive north east of Panama City towards the Cerro Azul community is one of the nicest equestrian facilities in the country. With over 100 hectares, it is surrounded by mountains to the north and the Pacific to the south. Hacienda Country Club offers a restaurant, tennis courts, a golf course under development, a fitness center, jogging trails, a swimming pool, conference rooms and other facilities where clients can organize business and family events.

Las Cuadras Buenaventura: Buenaventura is probably the most exclusive beach community in Panama and it offers an equestrian facility that is top notch. It also offers a golf course designed by Jack Nicholson, beach front club house, restaurants, and a JW Marriott Hotel. Las Cuadras Equestrian Club has its own on-site veterinarian, and jogging trails leading to the beach and the river. You may also purchase real estate or buy a piece of land to build your own design following some construction standards and regulations at Buenaventura.

Coronado and Buenaventura have become the most popular places within easy driving distance of Panama City that offer equestrian facilities onsite or nearby. Among the most popular horses being raced and maintained in this facilities are Peruvian Horses, Spanish horses, Polo Horses, Colombian Horses, and American Quarter Horses.

In general, horse lovers are well-organized in Panama through the Association of Peruvian Horse Breeders and Owners (Asociación Panameña de Criadores y Propietarios de Caballos Peruanos de Paso). This organization holds a competition of Peruvian Horses every year, this year it was January 26th and 27th. Last February there was another competition celebrated in the Azuero Peninsula. One last event for this year will be taking place this coming 23rd and 24th of March in El Valle de Antón.

If you love horses and are thinking of moving to Panama, we can help!  In fact we have houses for sale in two of the communities mentioned above and would be delighted to connect with fellow horse lovers and put you in touch with some of Panama’s equestrian specialists.

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