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Full Steam Ahead For The Red Frog Resort

It’s full steam ahead for the Red Frog Resort located in Panama’s Caribbean province of Bocas del Toro. Earlier this month, construction crews were once again back on the job after nearly 6 months of being on the sidelines. Work has commenced on several of Red Frog’s new developments, including Blue Pearl and Blue Pearl…

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How Panama is Adjusting to a COVID-19 World

Your Panama update and how Panama, so far, is adjusting to a COVID-19 world There have been no riots or looting in Panama, despite one of the strictest lockdowns in the world. Part of this is due to the Panamanian government providing cash allowances since March. In reality, civic and religious support have kept Panama’s…

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Panama vs belize

Living in Panama Vs Belize: An Expat Analysis

My name is Kent Davis and I was born and raised in Hawaii. In 2007, I quit my job, broke up with my girlfriend, sold my car, and bought a one-way ticket to Panama. One of the countries I researched before making the move was Belize, a tropical English speaking nation bordering Mexico. Retirement was…

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