Playa Venao Panama Real Estae

Browse through our listings of Playa Venao real estate and contact us with any questions. Playa Venao is one of Panama’s most well-known beaches. It is located on Panama’s Pacific coast, a five-hour drive West from Panama City. Nearby towns include Canas, Las Tablas, and the famous Pedasi. Playa Venao is a picturesque bay featuring a deep, sloping beach of semi-coarse sand.

The bay stretches for over a mile and is still largely undeveloped. The best surfing waves are a beach break in the middle of the bay. This break is affected by large tide changes up up to 15 feet.

Until 2008 Playa Venao was almost completely undeveloped except for the small Hotel Villa Marina on it’s eastern corner and a dilapidated cabana in the center of the bay. This cabana was a restaurant and catered to the surfers who would come from all over the world to surf Venao’s nearly empty break. Sadly this Playa Venao landmark is now gone. The last 3 years have seen the addition of three new hotels on the beach with a total of over 70 rooms. Two of these hotels have large beachside restaurants open from early in the morning to long after dark. Despite these new hotels, Playa Venao still feels sparsely populated and other than holiday weekends and a handful of surfing competitions each year. It is still among the best places in Central America to catch consistently ideal waves without overcrowding.

In addition to the new hotels and restaurants, several private homes are now under construction on the beach and new homes are springing up in the hills behind the beach. Several developers are selling land both on the beach and in the surrounding hills. Prices for oceanfront lots start at over $200 per square meter. Since most of the ‘view lots’ have steep terrain, per meter pricing is largely meaningless, but lots with incredible views are being sold in the hills around Playa Venao starting in the high $40,000s and going up from there.

Playa Venao

The future of Playa Venao seems bright indeed. Unlike other beach destinations in Panama like Coronado and Playa Blanca, Playa Venao seems destined for a much more low-density development trajectory. Currently no structure of more than three stories has been built or approved at Playa Venao.

Playa Venao hosts several surfing competitions each year; both domestic, regional and international. Playa Venao got a lot of media attention in July of 2011 when it hosted the International Surfing Association “ISA” World Championships, an Olympic-style team competition in which surfers represent their countries. This huge international event drew thousands of spectators to Panama. This April, Playa Venao will host its second ISA event in 9 months, the World Junior Surfing Championship. As the name implies, this is a competition for surfers 18 and under and otherwise closely mimics its big brother, the ISA Worlds. Many more fans, media and spectators are set to experience the beauty and great waves that Playa Venao has to offer.