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Healthcare in San Francisco, Panama

Not everyone has the same priorities when it comes to what makes a great neighborhood. For some it might have to do with walkability, others might care most about proximity to work or the availability of great schools or dining options. That said, there are plenty of neighborhood features that everyone can agree are a great perk. 

One of those is definitely the availability of a variety of options for healthcare. Whether it’s your family’s dentist or a reputable hospital, it’s nice to know that for both routine checkups and unexpected emergencies, there’s somewhere nearby that you can get high-quality medical attention. 

San Francisco, along with its plethora of other advantages, is also able to boast a wide variety of top-notch health facilities. From pharmacies to hospitals, there are plenty of options nearby so that you can rest assured you’ll get the care you and your family need. 

Main Hospitals Near San Francisco

There are two main hospitals near San Francisco. Both Hospital Punta Pacifica and Hospital Paitilla (Centro Medico Paitilla) are within a short commute of all San Francisco residents. 

Hospital Punta Pacifica

Hospital Punta Pacifica is located just next to the Multiplaza Mall on Pacific Boulevard. The hospital is well respected in the area and has a partnership with the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital in the United States. 

Services at Hospital Punta Pacifica include urology, cardiology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, gastroenterology, endoscopy, pediatrics, neurology, dermatology, gynecology and obstetrics, nephrology and endocrinology, amongst others. With 80 beds, this is a mid-sized hospital. 

Hospital Punta Pacifica has consistently been ranked by America Economia as one of the top health care facilities in Latin America. 

Hospital Paitilla (Centro Medico Paitilla)

The second hospital that’s most easily accessible from San Francisco is Hospital Paitilla. Located on Avenida Balboa just north of Multicentro, Hospital Paitilla is just a 3-minute drive from San Francisco. 

This hospital covers the most complete range of diagnostic, therapeutic, and medical specialties. Additionally, there are around 350 external consulting clinics are concentrated in two adjoining buildings to the hospital, representing a great advantage for the patients. As one of the most recognized private hospitals in Panama, you can know you are in good hands at Hospital Paitilla. 

Pharmacies in San Francisco

While the hospital isn’t somewhere everyone will need to visit on a regular basis, a trip to the pharmacy is likely to be a regular part of most people’s day to day lives. Luckily for San Francisco residents, there are a number of pharmacies to choose from in the area. 


Located on Calle 67, FarmaLab is a great option for a quick trip to the pharmacy. This pharmacy offers an extensive range of products, and the staff is both knowledgeable and friendly. 


Just around the corner from FarmaLab on Calle 66, you’ll find FARMALife. With a five star review and a large range of products, FARMALife is likely to meet all of your pharmacy needs. 

FarmaValue 25%

If you’re looking to get your medications at the best price, check out FarmaValue 25%. This discount pharmacy store is popular with locals, and for good reason. As the name suggests, you can find most of your pharmacy needs here at a price that’s quite a bit reduced from other pharmacy chains. While the selection might not be quite as extensive as other pharmacies, the prices are consistently better. 

Farmas Multiplaza Pacific Mall

For those who work near or frequent Multiplaza Mall, there’s also a pharmacy conveniently located in the Multiplaza complex. While some find that the selection here is less extensive and prices may be higher than at other pharmacies, this is a great option if you’re already at Multiplaza. 

Clinics in San Francisco

When it comes to routine or specialized medical care, San Francisco residents have a number of clinics and practitioners to choose from. There are dozens of options when it comes to finding a general practitioner for you and your family. Most often, residents choose one based on proximity to home or work, recommendations from friends or family, or by a suggestion from their insurance company. 

Additionally, there is a wide array of specialty clinics and practitioners that San Francisco residents may seek out. Whether your healthcare needs relate to fertility, chiropractic care, psychology, neurology, dental care, allergies & asthma, audiology, or something else, there’s a good chance that San Francisco has a clinic that’s just right for your needs.

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