Panama Beach Webinar: Take the first step to a new life

Panama Beach Webinar: Take the first step to a new life

You asked. We delivered. In our recent Beach Webinar on June 30, we fielded over a hundred questions on how to take the plunge and make the big move to one of Panama’s famed beach communities.   

Watch the live recording here, featuring Kent Davis, founder of Panama Equity and Carlos Camuño, his partner covering the Coronado coast.

Panama’s a small country, but its two long coasts and several clusters of outlying islands means a host of options in terms of location — Pacific and Caribbean, touristy and undiscovered, accessible and remote.

In the webinar, Kent and Carlos cover why you should consider Panama generally (in a nutshell: super friendly and safe for expats, with a dollarized, stable economy and political system, and, best of all, no hurricanes). They then help take the guesswork out of which beach community might best fit your lifestyle and budget, and give you a game plan on how to make it all work, from getting residency to mortgages, health insurance and more.

So, which Panama beach is your calling? Is it the Coronado region, with its 30km (20 mile) of salt and pepper beaches stretching from Punta Chame to Playa Blanca? The two hour drive makes these dozen or so beaches — which include the beachfront communities of Coronado, Gorgona and San Carlos — the #1 expat destination, as well as a weekend getaway for Panama City residents. If you’re into golfing, find out about membership options and the difference between the four golf communities, and which international schools would make your kids never want to go back “home.” Hear why Buenaventura is the “bee’s knees,” and where all these communities lie on the budget map too, from affordable to luxury and everything in between.

Or, is your calling Pedasi, with its tight-knit expat community and the charm of small town living? You’ll learn that these days Pedasi offers not only world-class deep sea fishing and surfing but also top notch amenities and infrastructure, including a new clinic-hospital with English-speaking medics. Or, is your calling nearby Playa Venao, with its uber-hip surfing and beachfront living scene?

In the question and answer session, listen as Kent and Carlos field live questions about the cost of living, including tips on where to shop and eat, HOA fees, utilities, and getting medical care and insurance. They also cover what it’s like to live in Panama with a family, such as picking a good international school.

Kent and Carlos also dive into some tips on buying real estate, including tax exonerations and the right questions to ask from your pre-construction developer.

Finally, listen to their tips on how to plan a trip to Panama to make sure it’s right for you.

There you have it. Don’t miss listening to an hour of insights about how you can make the move to Panama’s beaches. You’ll be one step closer to the beach.

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