Welcome to Rio Mar!

Welcome to Río Mar! This charming beach community is home to a small but loyal group of residents who would all agree that there’s no better place to live in Panama. If you’re in search of a beautiful, nearly private beach to spend your days taking in the views and catching some waves, Río Mar is the perfect place for you.

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Getting to Rio Mar

One of the most visually distinct beaches in Panama, Rio Mar was formed where the river meets the sea (hence the name). As such, the beach is framed by rocky cliffs that resemble many beaches along the California coast and make for a great backdrop to incredible sunrises.

Many residents feel that Río Mar offers the best of both worlds as far as Panama’s beaches go. At just over an hour away from Panama City, and only a little bit further than Coronado, it offers all of the convenience of being close to the nation’s capital. Flying in and out of Tocumen International Airport or making a shopping trip to the city is easy enough to do without a full day of driving.

On the other hand, for those who want a real escape from city life, Río Mar provides complete relaxation in a low key setting. There are no soaring skyscrapers or shopping developments in Río Mar. 

Instead, there are a handful of small housing developments, hotels, and a surf camp/ hostel. That may seem slim, but between the surfing and the new luxury condos, life in Rio Mar is anything but boring for expats.

People don’t move to Río Mar for the amenities, they move for a relaxed environment and stunning beach! So if your priorities revolve around leisurely beach days with a focus on nature and rejuvenation, then Río Mar might just be the perfect area for you.

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What To Expect In Rio Mar

Is Río Mar the right place for you? For those looking to relocate to a relaxing and laid back beach, it’s hard to imagine doing much better than here.

While Río Mar’s full-time population isn’t nearly as numerous as many other beach towns, those who do call this small beach community home love it for this very reason. Expats who decide to take up residency at Río Mar include retirees and surf enthusiasts who are looking for a relaxed beach community to call their own.

During the week it isn’t uncommon to have the beach all to yourself. As such, residents can stroll the shore, play a game of golf, or surf to their heart’s content, all without having to worry about the crowds of visitors that flock to many of Panama’s other beaches.

In recent years, many expats have moved to the Río Mar condo development that offers a taste of luxury right on the beach. Considered as some of the best beach condos available on Panama’s Pacific coast, this is the perfect way to combine a casual beach environment with all the comforts of high-end condo living.

Rio Mar Panama Real Estate

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Living and Exploring Rio Mar

While there are plenty of beach communities across Panama, Río Mar is most popular with those who favor privacy and serenity over having a ton of amenities nearby. The biggest draw to this region is the beach itself where residents happily spend their days enjoying coastal living.

Surfers love the consistently great waves at Río Mar provides. If you’re new to surfing but want to give it a try, the Río Mar surf camp provides board rentals and lessons, as well as serving as a hostel for surf-loving visitors. If surfing isn’t your thing, Río Mar is also a fantastic beach for swimming, bodyboarding, or just relaxing in the sand.

Dining In Rio Mar

When it comes to dining options, the pickings are slim within Río Mar itself. There are a handful of restaurants or snack shops connected to some of the housing developments or hotels, the most notable of which is Restaurante Mareas, serving up international plates with plenty of fresh ingredients. For more options, though, you’ll need to head just a few minutes further afield.

A five-minute drive up the road, you’ll find the beach town of El Palmar that offers more in the way of dining options. While still a small community itself, El Palmar offers several restaurants serving Panamanian fare as well as a Carlitos, a popular spot for Argentinian style pizza and empanadas.

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