Rio Mar Panama Real Estate

Browse through our listings of Rio Mar Panama real estate for sale and rent, and contact us with any questions. Rio Mar, Panama has a very unique and interesting topography when compared to Panama’s other beaches. The cliffs (dunes) that were formed by the river’s erosion (the famous “Rio Mar”, or Sea River) are dramatic and give a very interesting California-style shape to the beach along Rio Mar.

Real Estate in Rio Mar Panama and the San Carlos area in general has seen a steep rise in the last few years, due in part to the Rio Mar development which is considered one of the best among beach condos for sale in Panama. The developers at Rio Mar, Grupo Moses, chose a very unique design by creating a low rise apartment tower with only a handful of units. The project is every bit of luxury, and includes marble and granite finishes as the standard finish quality. Open kitchens, large windows, high ceilings, and very spacious rooms round out the offering on the standard beach condos for sale in Rio Mar Panama.

In development and due for completion on the next bluff over from Rio Mar is the Marriott Group’s first beach hotel in Panama. It is the anchor development for the Casa Mar project, which is being designed by one of Panamas most well known developers.

The Marriott Rio Mar should be ready in the next 10 months with the first homes in the Casa Mar project to be delivered right around that time.

Rio Mar Panama

Rio mar Panama is quickly becoming one of Panama’s most sought after beach destinations, and for good reason! Surfers have long known about the multiple surf breaks out near Rio Mar, including a point break and fairly consistent beach and reef breaks on Rio Mar proper and several other challenging breaks just to the west and east of Rio Mar Panama. If you are looking to surf at Rio Mar or anywhere along Panama’s Pacifica Coast, it’s important to keep an eye on the tides, as Panama has a very high tidal variance (almost 20’ from high to low tide).

The best time to surf Rio Mar is just before and just after low tide if the waves are small (2-4’) and if the swell is any higher than that, then the point break is usually working consistently regardless of the tide. The point break at Rio Mar is a fairly long paddle out, but once you are there, the views and of course the waves are fantastic. Visiting Rio Mar is an activity that can be enjoyed year round, mainly because it never gets cold in Panama! It’s not uncommon for locals to drive out to Rio Mar after a day of work or on the weekends, making real estate here very attractive.