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Private lenders in Panama

Private lenders in Panama

By in Blog with 9 Comments

While most Panama banks are still lending to foreign buyers, many of the large local banks and all of the multinational banks like Scotia, BBVA, and HSBC have age limits, life insurance policy requirements, credit requirements, and income requirements.  Anyone that’s applied for a loan in Panama knows that it can be a long, arduous process that may or may not result in success.

The good news is, we’ve partnered up with a licensed private lender who will offer loans to our clients with:
1.    No income requirement
2.    No credit requirement
3.    No Life insurance
4.    No age requirement (or limitation)

This private lender will lend 50%-60% of the value of the property. The company is based in Panama and has been approved with all of the necessary lending licenses and the best news is that the process is much easier than working with a traditional bank, and this lender guarantees that it will close and fund your loan in 5 business days!!

About The Author

Kent Davis, founder and Managing Director at Panama Equity real estate, has been widely quoted in publications such as Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, The Miami Herald and the Financial Times for his unabashed views on the Panama real estate market. Panama Equity is regarded as one of the most active real estate agencies in Panama and Kent’s articles, reports, and market research projects have been syndicated by press agencies including Bloomberg and the Associated Press.   Connect with the Author via: Email | LinkedIn | Facebook | Google+


  1. Raul Ricord says:

    Good day. Just came across your article. Is this offer still valid? If so, please send me a message to my email:

    Thanks and Regards.

    Raúl G. Ricord, MBA
    Business & Finance Consultant

  2. Melina says:

    it is possible to get a collateral loan on a payed off property. Thanks.

    • Kent Davis says:

      Hi Melina, thanks for your message. YES, it is definitely possible to get a loan on a property here in Panama. Basically you are getting a mortgage to pull out equity on a paid off property, as you said in your note.

      I’ve had our mortgage specialist from Panama Equity reach out directly to your Gmail address.

  3. Steven says:

    What interest rates are common?

    • Kent Davis says:

      Steven, thanks for writing. Interest rates are rising in Panama, and most banks are quoting around 6.5% variable interest over a term of 20 years with 30-50% down, depending on the applicant and the property. Hope this helps!

  4. Interested in home/business improvement loan.

  5. Ivan says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested in contacting a private lender in order to get a mortgage on a property in Panama.

    I would appreciate if you provide me with contact details of some private lennders.

    Best Regards,

    Ivan Mejia
    +994 502897358
    skype: ivan.mejiacajica

    • Kent Davis says:

      Ivan, thank you for your contact regarding private lenders in Panama. I have just now sent an email presenting you to our preferred contact for private mortgages on properties in Panama.

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