The Best Co-working Spaces to Get Inspired in Panama City

One of the coolest outcomes of the trend toward a global workforce of remote workers is co-working spaces. Co-working spaces involve a shared working environment between groups of people with different goals.

It’s fascinating to think about how much the work world we know has changed in just a few decades. While office buildings, conference rooms, and cubicles are still very much a reality, they are no longer the only reality. Thanks to the connectivity afforded by technology, now people can collaborate from all over the world, from the comfort of anywhere with an internet connection.

This new addition to the workplace landscape has taken off and Panama is staying ahead of the curve with plenty of awesome options to choose from. Increasingly popular among freelancers and creative people who seek community and collaboration, these co-working spaces operate as a temporary work environment anyone can rent by the hour, the day, or the month.

They are an amazing way to get inspired and also create networking opportunities for individuals and business. At a co-working space, you can not only interact with other professionals from a variety of sectors but you can also meet prospective clients. At any of Panama’s co-working spaces you have the option to do both.  

If networking is a priority for you, it’s a good idea to ask about the other types of professionals or businesses you will share the area with to see if there is any potential for partnerships. Regardless of what you’re looking for or in a co-working space, you’re bound to find the perfect fit here in Panama City.



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Workings has three locations across Panama City, one in Obarrio, one in Costa del Este, and one in Punta Pacifica. With daily, limited monthly, or full-monthly plans, you can choose how much access you want based on your budget and work style.

There is also the option to rent a designated desk or full office if you’d like a workspace with a bit more privacy and stability. There’s no shortage of the perks that come with a Workings membership. Apart from high-speed internet, coffee and water, and a number of different workspaces to choose from, there is also an area to purchase snacks, phone booths, and a printing area. Plus, with 24/7 access available, night owls and early risers alike can take advantage of all that Workings has to offer.

This variety of perks along with the three different locations make Workings one of the most popular options when it comes to co-working spaces in Panama City.

My Office


© My Office

My Office is a great choice for those looking for a bit of public accountability as they work through their daily ‘to do’ list. With plenty of open spaces and shared tables, even if you are working solo you’ll find the productivity in the air is contagious.

Conveniently located in Obarrio, this is a place that will make you look forward to showing up to work. My Office has a focus on environmental sustainability, and all of the furnishings are eco-friendly (with no sacrifice of design or comfort). In addition, the beautiful rooftop terrace with skyline views is a great place for a breath of fresh air and to take a phone call or a stretch break.

Best of all, though, the space is the chosen work destination for tons of creative individuals and entrepreneurs for you to meet. Both for getting things done and building new relationships, the My Office community is sure to help you take your work ambitions to the next level.

Panama Coworking Center


© Panama Coworking Center

With co-working spaces in Obarrio and Costa del Este, and a third coming soon to San Francisco, Panama Coworking Center has become another fast favorite in the Panama City co-working scene. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to joining this community. Whether you’re looking for a collaborative workspace to enjoy a few days a week, your own full-time private office, or a conference room for an occasional meeting, Panama Coworking Center has something for everyone. Regardless of how you choose to use the space, everyone can benefit from the talented network and creative minds there. Entrepreneurs will be pleased with the opportunity to meet new people and launch their next venture.



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Regus takes the co-working idea to a whole new level. Apart from having several co-working offices available in Panama City, Regus offers more than 900 offices around the world. By becoming a member, you can have access to an office nearly anywhere your adventures might take you, making this the perfect co-working space for the eternal jet setter.

In any of the Panama City Regus locations, you’ll find plenty of suitable options to get work done. Communal desks, more private booths, fully private offices, and reservable conference rooms are all available to members depending on which package you choose. The spaces are beautifully designed and comfortable, which make them the perfect place for a morning meeting, an afternoon of getting work done, or even an evening of collaboration and networking.

Coworking PTY


© CoWorking Panama

Coworking PTY has all of the necessities for a productive and collaborative work day. A variety of different workspaces are suitable for both solo and group work. The space is clean, well lit, and free of distractions (unless you’re looking to network, in which there are plenty of others who are happy to engage in conversation).

What really sets Coworking PTY apart from alternatives, though, is its mission. Apart from just offering a place conducive to getting work done, Coworking PTY seeks to promote new development and sustainability in Panama. They offer workshops, and partner with local entrepreneurs to continue to advance Panama’s economy.

Whether you’d like to find a comfortable workplace or are passionate about advancing Panama’s development, Coworking PTY has plenty to offer.     

The Cube Workspace


© The Cube

Located right on Via Espana and inconspicuously tucked above a pharmacy, it’s easy to miss this workspace that’s relatively new to the co-working scene. Step inside, though, and you won’t believe your eyes.

More than an office space, The Cube Workspace looks and feels like a hip loft apartment. A full kitchenette with complimentary coffee and tea, workspaces aplenty, and lots of seating options and indoor plants make this is the perfect workspace for the cubicle-averse.

Whatever your work style is, The Cube Workspace can accommodate it. There’s even an event space that can hold up to 120 people for those looking to organize a larger event. Say hello to productivity and creativity galore.

So there you have it — a comprehensive list of the co-working spaces in Panama. Chances are, this list will only keep growing as more and more businesses and individuals move towards remote and flexible work. We can’t wait to see what else is on the horizon!