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A dozen years ago this remote beach was hardly on anyone’s radar, let alone somewhere people would seek out to live. And yet, the past decade has seen Playa Venao start to take off. Both in terms of real estate development and tourism. Today, it is fast becoming one of Panama’s more popular Pacific coast beaches, and for good reason.

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Getting There

People are drawn to Playa Venao’s wide sandy beach that’s over a mile long for a variety of reasons. Located on Panama’s Azuero Peninsula and a five-hour drive from Panama City, Playa Venao certainly isn’t the closest beach to the capital. But that doesn’t stop it from being a favorite. Nearby towns include Canas, Las Tablas, and the famous Pedasi.

One of the biggest draws? Surfing! This beach community is a very popular spot for surfing enthusiasts thanks to its consistently good waves year-round.

In more recent years, this area has hosted a number of notable surf competitions including the International Surfing Association World Championships. With each great event hosted here, Playa Venao gains more traction with surfers and surf enthusiasts from around the world.

Though Playa Venao is growing, thanks to its increased prominence on the world surfing scene, we don’t expect this to become the next Coronado or Playa Blanca. To date, there are no developments taller than four stories, and both locals and developers want to keep it that way. As new homes and condos are built, there has been a significant effort made to maintain the laid-back, rustic vibe that makes Playa Venao so special.

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What To Expect

For those looking to relocate to a relaxing and laid-back beach, it’s hard to imagine a better place than Playa Venao.

While Playa Venao’s full-time population isn’t as large as many other beach towns, those who do call this small beach community home love it for this very reason. During the week it isn’t uncommon to have the beach to yourself. As such, residents can live their best beach-loving lives, without having to worry about crowds most of the time.

Developers have now started building homes right on the beach itself and in the steep hills just behind it. While a house on the beach gives you easy access to the water, you don’t want to overlook the options on the hills. Because with the higher vantage point, you gain a beautiful panoramic view.

Available home lots have become quite scarce, but Panama Equity has you covered with the most complete inventory possible.

Many of the initial buyers of these homes are expats who have come to know Playa Venao over the years. They have decided that it is the perfect place to either retire, work remotely, or invest in a second home outside of the nation’s capital. The expats her also form a tight-knit and friendly community that is certain to grow in the years to come.

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Living and Exploring

While there are plenty of beach communities across Panama, Playa Venao is most popular with those who favor privacy and serenity over having a ton of amenities nearby. Unsurprisingly, the biggest draw to this region is the beach itself. Residents love taking in the view of the picturesque bay and wide sloping beach as they go about their everyday lives.

It goes without saying that if you enjoy surfing, much of your time will be spent in the water. Playa Venao’s consistently good waves are suitable for veteran surfers as well as beginners.

As far as dining goes, there are new places opening regularly. Many of the restaurants in the area are attached to hotels, but there are also several stand-alone places.

Some of the favorites include Panga, Pizza Gavilan, El Sitio, Coleo’s, La Bicicleta, La Barca and Playa Venao Resort. In all, there are too many to name here. But let’s face it, it’s hard to get tired of enjoying fresh ceviche and a cold beer while digging your feet into the sand and watching the waves crashing on the shore.

At night, many of Venao’s beach bars such as El Sitio, Selina, and La Barca stay open until a reasonable hour. Residents and visitors come here regularly to enjoy a drink or listen to music. Residents from other Azuero towns also come to Venao often for a night out.

For shopping, there is a mini-mart selling the basics and a handful of surf shops, but if you’re looking to do some serious shopping, for now you’ll want to head to one of the bigger towns in the like Pedasi, Las Tablas, or Chitre.

As the population of the Venao area increases, more shops and restaurants are opening to meet the demands of the growing community. A shopping center anchored by a Terpel gas station is about to open on the main highway in Venao which will feature a larger supermarket and a hardware store. In addition, a new “food court” is soon to open soon on the beach between Selina and Beach Break Hotels.

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