Punta Caelo

At A Glance

Punta Caelo is a new development that oozes luxury from every part. It has incredible amenities and a choice of properties to suit most home or investment buyers.

Punta Caelo
Ranging from $285k – $999k
$2,600 Avg Price m2

Punta Caelo Real Estate

Punta Caelo has two apartment complexes Solario, built in 2017 and Baula built in 2019.


Solario is made up of 109 luxury apartments and has a wide number of apartment layout options, mainly two or three bedrooms all with a sun deck, the varying factors are size and number of bathrooms. There are a whopping 13 layout options in this building. Two-bedroom apartments are available in 114m2, 128m2, and 255m2. Three bedroom apartments are available in 136m2, 160m2, 173m2, 220m2, 248m2, 271m2, 346m2, 348m2, and 359m2. There is even a four-bedroom option of 427m2.


Baula is a little simpler with only three apartment options, 60 apartments, all three bedrooms; 161m2, 164m2, and 167m2.

Where Is Punta Caelo?


Punta Caelo is a place of luxury amenities. First is the incredible Beach Club, an architecturally beautiful building with spaces to relax around the numerous swimming pools that all sit overlooking the ocean. This is a destination in and of itself. 

There is an endless array of activities based around the ocean and beach, such as surfing, kite-surfing, jet-skiing, sport fishing, and snorkeling. Punta Caelo has been designed to cater for the full range of leisure, fitness and health needs across three main amenities, The Sports Club, Wellness Center and Beach Club. There are tennis and basketball courts, a soccer field, walking and bike trails.

The Sports Club features a fully stocked gym.

The Wellness Center is where you will find the spa where you can be thoroughly pampered.

Life In Punta Caelo

Punta Caelo is located directly off the Panamerican Highway in the district of San Carlos. It is only a 10-minute drive to the hub town of Coronado where you will find supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, opticians, an international school, and most other amenities you could need.

Punta Caelo resort considers itself to be building a community for the future – the development has been carefully designed, taking into account community needs such as a meeting point, and places for recreation and relaxation. The services in Punta Caelo encompass the idea of luxury, relaxation and wellbeing. A place where you can feel like you’re always on vacation. It is a sprawling community of townhouses, apartments, green spaces, lakes, and amenities. Plus a stunning stretch of coastline. Several apartments are available for short-term rent through Airbnb or VRBO meaning you do get vacationers taking advantage of this beautiful resort. But there are also permanent 

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