Choosing Your Healthcare On Balboa Avenue in Panama City

Choosing Your Healthcare On Balboa Avenue in Panama City

Balboa Avenue has excellent healthcare options, from private clinics and specialists to comprehensive hospital care, dentists and pharmacies.

Balboa Avenue is home to Mi Clinica Hospital, where an insurance plan for $25 Bs/month (and nice low co-pays) gets you coverage under their extensive in-house services 24/7, including primary care, urgent care, specialists, plus all labs, ER, hospitalizations and more, for kids and adults alike.

The private Centro Medico Paitilla, as well as the public Hospital Santo Tomas and pediatric Hospital del Niño Dr. José Renán Esquivel are all excellent choices. Nearby, Punta Pacifica Hospital is also a great private option. For pharmacies, Farmacias Arrocha and Farmaplus Panama in the main entrance of Multicentro mall stocks everything you could possibly need (generic and brand names).

This article is part of our Ultimate Guide To Living And Investing On Balboa Avenue.

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