La Salle Panama

La Salle Christian school

La Salle is a Christian school, founded in 1975 as an educational institution, its main concern is the integral formation of each student, respecting the free development of personality within the concepts of Christian ethics, a sense of community acts sociocultural and commitment of every citizen. Your school period is from March to December.


Maternal $.200.00

Pre Kindergarten – Third Grade $.257.00


Fourth – Sixth Grade $.277.00

Seventh-Ninth Grade $.307.00

Tenth Grade $.317.00

Eleventh – Twelfth Grade $.342.00

Annuities and Contributions.

Maternal, Pre Kindergarten, Kíndergarden $.1,450.00

Primary $.1,450.00

Seventh, Eighth and Ninth $.1,500.00

Tenth Grade $.1,550.00

Eleventh and Twelfth $.1,600.00

Vía Simón Bolívar, El Cangrejo

(Phone)223-6256 / 263-6325


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