Modernizing Panama's tax and municipal document request process

Modernizing Panama’s tax and municipal document request process

Panama’s Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) has selected Penonome as the site for a massive modernization of the municipality’s system for processing public documents and paying fees, taxes, and the like.  Obtaining documents such as Paz y Salvos (statement of good standings needed to sell a property, for example), along with renewing license plates, and paying several types of taxes, as of November first, will all be accessible online!

This is a huge step in the right direction to modernize a system that is terribly inefficient and time consuming, and we applaud the MEF for rolling this out.

Next on the list will be Santiago and Chitre, two sizable towns in the country’s interior in effort to digitize the country’s municipalities.  This pilot program will eventually be rolled out to the whole country and should make things a bit easier to do.

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